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the welding energy quality

pulse shape and HF overlapping

With the greatly improved, new phaser pulse shaping technology the operational sequence of the welding impulse can be modified in steps as small as one millisecond. This way the welding power can be adjusted i.e. to slowly increase, to softly fade, or to sharply increase or decrease in defined steps during the set impulse duration.

The high-frequency overlapping of the welding impulse functions like a micro vibration. Comparable to dental stone on a vibrator, this high frequency overlapping provides a higher density in the welding spot combined with a smoother spot surface, thus increasing the welding quality.

The result:
The combination of individually modulated pulse shape with high frequent overlapping vibrations guarantees gentle welding in accordance with the specific requirements of each alloy type. The welding energy no longer strikes the alloy abruptly and with full force, but just right. Critical alloys like Palladium-Silver, Cobalt-Chrome (depending on the carbon content) and other eutectic alloys, are now easy to weld, even for beginners. Solidification (micro) cracks inside the welding spot can easily be avoided. At the same time an even better penetration of the welding energy into the alloy is achieved.