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metalight trend

Metalight trend – more spacious than the Metalight mini, yet still perfect to use right at the work bench, the metalight trend is equipped with an "easy-touch" operating panel. On this panel three easy touch buttons for 5, 10 and 15 minutes polymerization cycles allow quick selection of the desired program.

Lighting and cooling system are microprocessor controlled and switch on and off automatically. An acoustic signal indicates the end of light curing cycle.

The chamber provides sufficient space for the metavac suction device, up to 4 models and taller models with plaster bases. Consequently the metalight trend is the perfect light curing unit for making all possible cases with the metacon light cured wax system or primobase base plates. The polymerisation spectrum covers the complete range from 320 to 500nm.

The fully removeable front lid with UV filter and magnet switch allows easy access to the light curing chamber and direct observation of the light curing process from outside.